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var spmClient = require("spm-client")

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spm-client v1.0.2

spm client api


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spm client api


$ npm install spm-client -g


var client = require('spm-client');

// global configuration
  registry: '',
  auth: '12345'

// install seajs
client.install({name: 'seajs'}, function(err) {

// overwrite global config
client.install({name: 'seajs'}, {registry: 'http://your-registry'}, function(err) {



Global configuration

  • registry: registry url of yuan server
  • global_registry: global registry, others are private
  • proxy: an HTTP proxy, pass to request
  • auth: the authKey that copied from spmjs accout page
  • temp: the temp directory


Login, arguments below

  • username: the username of registry
  • authkey: the authKey that copied from spmjs accout page


Install a package, arguments below

  • name: the package name, can also be name@version
  • cwd: the dependencies of the package in the cwd will be installed, use it when name isn't specified
  • destination: the directory that install to
  • force: force download packages from registry, no cache
  • save: save name to package.dependencies
  • saveDev: save name to package.devDependencies


Search a package, arguments below

  • name: search packages with your query name


Get package info, arguments below

  • name: the package name
  • version: the package version


Publish a package, arguments below

  • cwd: where is your package
  • tag: publish with a given tag that you can install by name@tag, default is stable
  • force: force publish when the package exists


Unpublish a package, arguments below

  • name: the package name
  • version: the package version


Copyright (c) 2014 popomore. Licensed under the MIT license.

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