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styled-components-theme v1.0.5

Defines themes via flexible color selectors for use with styled-components


NPM Version NPM Downloads Build Status styled with prettier

styled-components-theme generates selectors for colors in your styled-components theme that allows color manipulation, using the color library via calls on the selectors themselves.

A selector, in this context, is defined as a function that looks like (props) => props.theme.myColor that the styled-components library accepts as a template variable.


styled-components is an awesome library, and their React context-based theming scheme is great, but:

  1. Having ${(props) => props.theme.highlight} functions all over your template literals to use any of your theme colors is both hard to read and cumbersome to type.

  2. In migrating from SASS and CSS Modules, I missed the ability to lighten() or darken() or transparentize() a theme color at will to make subtle gradients or overlays.


Using npm:

  $ npm install --save styled-components-theme

Using yarn:

  $ yarn add styled-components-theme


1) Define your theme colors

// colors.js

const colors = {
  main:  '#393276',
  dark:  '#0D083B',
  light: '#837EB1'

export default colors

2) Apply your theme with ThemeProvider

import { ThemeProvider } from 'styled-components';
import colors from './colors' // from Step #1

const App = props =>
  <ThemeProvider theme={colors}>

3) Create an importable theme object using styled-components-theme

// theme.js

import createTheme from 'styled-components-theme';
import colors from './colors' // from Step #1

const theme = createTheme(...Object.keys(colors))
export default theme

4) Use the theme colors in your components

import styled from 'styled-components'
import theme from './theme' // from Step #3

const Header = styled.div`
  background: ${theme.dark};
  color: ${theme.light};

const Button = styled.button`
  background-image: linear-gradient(${theme.light}, ${theme.light.darken(0.3));
  color: ${theme.dark};
  padding: 10px;

Available manipulation functions

This library uses the color manipulation provided by the color library.

theme.color.negate()         // rgb(0, 100, 255) -> rgb(255, 155, 0)

theme.color.lighten(0.5)     // hsl(100, 50%, 50%) -> hsl(100, 50%, 75%)
theme.color.darken(0.5)      // hsl(100, 50%, 50%) -> hsl(100, 50%, 25%)

theme.color.saturate(0.5)    // hsl(100, 50%, 50%) -> hsl(100, 75%, 50%)
theme.color.desaturate(0.5)  // hsl(100, 50%, 50%) -> hsl(100, 25%, 50%)
theme.color.greyscale()      // #5CBF54 -> #969696

theme.color.whiten(0.5)      // hwb(100, 50%, 50%) -> hwb(100, 75%, 50%)
theme.color.blacken(0.5)     // hwb(100, 50%, 50%) -> hwb(100, 50%, 75%)

theme.color.fade(0.5)        // rgba(10, 10, 10, 0.8) -> rgba(10, 10, 10, 0.4)
theme.color.opaquer(0.5)     // rgba(10, 10, 10, 0.8) -> rgba(10, 10, 10, 1.0)

theme.color.rotate(180)      // hsl(60, 20%, 20%) -> hsl(240, 20%, 20%)
theme.color.rotate(-90)      // hsl(60, 20%, 20%) -> hsl(330, 20%, 20%)


Why use color? Why not [other color manipulation library]?

Because color's manipulation methods were so influenced by SASS, LESS and Stylus, they are already familiar to CSS coders.

Isn't Color mutable? Don't I need to clone()?

Yes, Color is mutable, but this library handles the cloning for you, so you can chain the manipulation methods together to your heart's content without mutating the original theme color. e.g. theme.primary.saturate(0.3).lighten(0.2).fade(0.4).

The manipulation methods in styled-components-theme are immutable.

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