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var stylelintProcessorNameToVscodeLanguageIds = require("stylelint-processor-name-to-vscode-language-ids")

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stylelint-processor-name-to-vscode-language-ids v0.0.0

Return an ID of the VS Code language mode that a given stylelint processor supports


NPM version Build Status Coverage Status

Convert a stylelint warning into a Visual Studio Code diagnostic

const {lint} = require('stylelint');
const stylelintWarningToVscodeDiagnostic = require('stylelint-warning-to-vscode-diagnostic');

async () => {
  const {results: [{warnings}]} = await lint({
    code: 'a { color: red; }',
    config: {
      rules: {
        'color-named': 'never'

  /* {
    rule: 'color-named',
    text: 'Unexpected named color "red" (color-named)',
    severity: 'error',
    line: 1,
    column: 12
  } */

  /* {
    message: 'Unexpected named color "red" (color-named)',
    severity: 1,
    source: 'stylelint',
    range: {
      start: {
        line: 0,
        character: 11
      end: {
        line: 0,
        character: 11
  } */


Use npm.

npm install stylelint-warning-to-vscode-diagnostic


const stylelintWarningToVscodeDiagnostic = require('stylelint-warning-to-vscode-diagnostic');


warning: Object (stylelint warning)
Return: Object (VS Code diagnostic)


Copyright (c) 2017 Shinnosuke Watanabe

Licensed under the MIT License.

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