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var submitSitemap = require("submit-sitemap")

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submit-sitemap v0.1.3

Submits/pings a sitemap file to Google and Bing to encourage them to recrawl your site.

submit-sitemap module for Node.js

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Module to submit/ping a sitemap XML file to Google and Bing. This automates the manual process of submitting your sitemap via Google's webmaster tools and Bing's webmaster tools.

Use this after your site content has changed to encourage search engines to recrawl your site for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) purposes. For example, this is useful to do after deploying a site update in Grunt and Gulp scripts.

If you're looking for modules to generate sitemaps, you may want to consider grunt-sitemap for Grunt and gulp-sitemap for Gulp.


To install:

npm install submit-sitemap --save-dev

To submit your sitemap:

var submitSitemap  = require('submit-sitemap').submitSitemap;
var yourSitemapUrl = "";


Use the callback parameter to respond to success and failure:

submitSitemap(yourSitemapUrl,  function(err) { console.error(err); });
  • On success, err will be undefined.

  • On error, err will be set to an error message. This happens if the sitemap URL could not be reached or any of the sitemap submission attempts failed.


To run the test suite:

npm test




Written by Sean Wilson (

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