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var superstore = require("superstore")

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superstore v2.1.0

Local storage, without the bugs, and an asynchronous API

superstore Build Status

Superstore is a simple lightweight asynchronous wrapper around the Web Storage APIs localStorage and sessionStorage. Its features include:

If you require an synchronous version please use superstore-sync instead.



npm install superstore --save


bower superstore --save


Superstore is an instantiable module. All Superstore methods return a Promise which will resolve with the stored value. Its methods are:

constructor (type, namespace)

var localStore = new Superstore('local', 'foo');
var sessionStore = new Superstore('session', 'bar');


#set(key, value)




returns a boolean set to true if data is being persisted to storage, or false if it is being kept in memory (e.g. if localStorage is full or inaccessible).

Example usage

var Superstore = require('superstore');
var store = new Superstore('local', 'foo');

  // Do something with value


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