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tail.bbsolid v0.1.1

tail.BBSolid is a solid and extendable BBCode Parser written in Vanilla JavaScript, available as AMD and for nodeJS too.

tail.BBSolid - A BBCode Markup Parser

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tail.BBSolid is a expendable and easy-to-use BBCode Parser, written in vanilla JavaScript and available for your Browser, as AMD Module as well as for nodeJS! It already supports 46 BBCode Markups (+12 special markups are excluded in a separate file) and BBCode Tag Attributes as [tag attr=value], [tag attr="value"] or [tag="value"].

This script is inspired by Patorjks Extendible BBCode Parser!

The tail.BBSolid Markup Parser is currently an experimental Alpha version, and still may contains some bugs. It would be really helpful if you write us each issue and request on the official GitHub Issues Page. Thanks!



  • 46 BBCode Tags (+ 12 Separated Special Tags) (+ 12 Aliases) (+ Attributes)
  • Parent -> Children Relationships / Restrictions
  • Valid HTML (5), no Stylesheet required!
  • Support for the latest Browsers, including Internet Explorer 9+
  • debug Shows the Errors directly in the console (including the index)
  • prettyPrint Make the Output HTML Code as pretty as possible
  • allowedHTML Define allowed HTML Tags, or dis/enable any HTML.
  • wrapParagraphs Paragraph-Wrapping around "Inline" elements
  • showLineBreaks Line Break Sequenzes within Paragraphs
  • removeUnparsed And Faulty BBCode Tags.


Smart Usage Code:

    // BBSolid is an Alias for BBSolid.parse(content, config)
    var HTMLContent = BBSolid("[b]Your BBCode Content[/b]", {
        debug:          false,      // Writes each error directly in the console
        prettyPrint:    true,       // Try to "pretty" format the HTML Code.
        allowedHTML:    true,       // The allowed HTML Tags as Array, True to allow any, False to disable any HTML Tag
        wrapParagraphs: true,       // Wrap Content in <p> Paragraphs
        showLineBreaks: true,       // Replaces single \n within <p> Paragraphs into <br />
        removeUnparsed: false       // Remove Unparsed / Faulty BBCodes

    // Get the latest "passed" content with
    var LatestBBCodeContent = BBSolid.content;

    // Get the latest "parsed" content with
    var LatestHTMLContent = BBSolid.parsed;

    // Check if the latest passed occured an Error
        console.log( BBSolid.errors );

Available BBCodes

Inline Elements

[noparse][bbcode]null[noparse] [b]Bold[/b] [/noparse]
[b]color, font, size[b]Bold[/b]
[strong]color, font, size[strong color=red]Red String[/strong]
[i]color, font, size[i font=serif]Serif Italic[/i]
[em]color, font, size[em size=12px]Small Emphasized[/em]
[u]color, font, size[u font=serif color=#000]Back Serif underlined[/u]
[ins]color, font, size[ins]Just inserted Text[/ins]
[s]color, font, size[s]Strikethroughed Text[/s]
[del]color, font, size[del size=larger]Larger Deleted Text[/del]
[sub]color, font, size[sub color="rgb(0, 255, 0)"]Green subscripted Text[/sub]
[sup]color, font, size[sup font=Arial]Arial Superscripted Text[/sup]
[big][large]color, font, size[big]Big Text[/big]
[small]color, font, size[small]Small Text[/small]
[font][face]font*[font=Arial]Arial Text[/font]
[font font=Times]Times Text[/font]
[size]size*[size=20px]Big Text[/size]
[size size=small]Small Text[/small]
[color]color*[color=steelblue]SteelBlue Text[/color]
[color color=#000]Black Text[/color]
[url][link]href*, target[url][/url]
[url= target=_blank]Custom Text[/url]
[img][image]src*, alt**[img]http://image.url[/img]
[img=http://image.url]Alt Text[/img]
[]Custom Text[/mail]
[code]null[code]Any Code, BB Tags doesn't get parsed in here![/code]


All Attributes marked with an * can be used inline, for example:
Default:    [bbcode attribute=value][/bbcode]
Inline:     [bbcode=value][/bbode]

The 'alt**' attribute on the 'img' and 'image' tags can also used WITHIN the tags:
Default:    [img][/img]
Parameter:  [img src= alt="Alternative Text"][/img]
Inline:     [img= alt="Alternative Text"][/img]
Within:     [img=]Alternative Text[/img]

Block Elements

Some Block elements allows only a few BBCode Tags, or requires a specific Parent BBCode Tag.

[h1][h]nullFirst Header
[h2]nullSecond Header
[h3]nullThird Header
[h4]nullFourth Header
[h5]nullFifth Header
[h6]nullSixth Header
[hr]nullHorizontal Rule, doesn't require an closing tag!
[left]nullLeft-Align Paragraph
[right]nullRight-Align Paragraph
[center]nullCenter-Align Paragraph
[justify]nullJustify-Align Paragraph
[quote]cite*Blockquote with optional cite.
[codeblock]language*Codeblock with additional language-classnames.
[table]nullAllows: thead, tbody, tfoot and tr
[thead]nullAllows: tr
Requires: table
[tbody]nullAllows: tr
Requires: table
[tfoot]nullAllows: tr
Requires: table
[tr]nullAllows: th, td
Requires: table, thead, tbody or tfoot
[th]align, valign, colspan, rowspanRequires: tr
[td]align, valign, colspan, rowspanRequires: tr
[list][ul] [ol]type*Allows: li, *
[li][*]null* doesn't require an closing tag!
Required: list, ul or ol
[dl]nullAllows: dt, dd
[dt]nullRequires: dl
[dd]nullRequires: dl


All Attributes marked with an * can be used inline, for example:
Default:    [bbcode attribute=value][/bbcode]
Inline:     [bbcode=value][/bbode]

Extended Elements

You need to include the tail.bbsolid-extended.js JavaScript file, to use the following BBCode Tags. (on nodeJS: Include ONLY the extended file, but make sure, that the main file is available in the same folder as the extended file)!

[address]nullHTML5: Address Block
[caption]align*Table Caption
Requires: table
[mark]nullHTML5: Mark some Content
[q]nullHTML5: Inline Quotation
[embed]src*, width, heightEmbed some Content
[audio]src*, width, height, autoplay, loopHTML5: Embed a Audio Source
[video]src*, width, height, autoplay, loopHTML5: Embed a Video Source
[youtube]src*, width, heightEmbed a YouTube Video, using iframe.
[spoiler]title*, closeCreate an Spoiler element


All Attributes marked with an * can be used inline, for example:
Default:    [bbcode attribute=value][/bbcode]
Inline:     [bbcode=value][/bbode]
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