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// require("talisman/[??]")

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talisman v0.21.0

A straightforward & modular NLP, machine learning & fuzzy matching library for JavaScript.

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Full documentation

Talisman is a JavaScript library collecting series of algorithms related to the following domains:


You can install Talisman through npm:

npm install talisman


The library's full documentation can be found here.


  • :package: Modular: the library is completely modular. This means that if you only need to compute a levenshtein distance, you will only load the relevant code.
  • :bulb: Straightfoward & simple: just want to compute a Jaccard index? No need to instantiate a class and use two methods to pass options and then finally succeed in getting the index. Just apply the jaccard function and get going.
  • :dango: Consistent API: the library's API is fully consistent and one should not struggle to understand how to apply two different distance metrics.
  • :postal_horn: Functional: except for cases where classes might be useful (classifiers notably), Talisman only uses functions, consumes raw data and order functions' arguments to make partial application & currying etc. as easy as possible.
  • :zap: Performant: the library should be as performant as possible for a high-level programming language library.
  • :globe_with_meridians: Cross-platform: the library is cross-platform and can be used both with Node.js and in the browser.


Contributions are of course welcome :)

Be sure to lint & pass the unit tests before submitting your pull request.

# Cloning the repo
git clone
cd talisman

# Installing the deps
npm install

# Running the tests
npm test

# Linting the code
npm run lint


This project is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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