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var tapeling = require("tapeling")

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tapeling v2.0.4

Helps produce TAP reports


Helps gather TAP reports. Combines with likewise in tapeless for Node.js or browser side testing.


Download the latest stable version from the npm registry:

# Add to 'package.json' development dependencies
npm install tapeling --save-dev


Assuming a test function that throws if a given operation fails as for example,

// Check for sameness or equality
function throwsIfDifferent(a, b, message = 'Sorry!') {
  const result =, b)

  if (!result) {
    const error = Error(message)

    error.operator = 'is'
    error.expected = a
    error.actual = b

    throw error

  return result

Wrap with tape() and call exit() to print out the corresponding TAP report. For example,

const { tape, exit } = require('tapeling')

const test = throwsIfDifferent
const assert = tape(test)

  // Fails
  .test(2, 3)
  // Name test case, add diagnostic
  .describe('is same', 'will compute')
  // Passes
  .test(2, 2)

// Print totals
process.on('exit', exit)

Sample output with truncated error stack:

TAP version 13
not ok 1 - throwsIfDifferent
  operator: "is"
  expected: 2
  actual: 3
    Error: Sorry!
        at throwsIfDifferent
ok 2 - is same
# will compute

# tests 2
# pass  1
# fail  1

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