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This is a playground to test code. It runs a full Node.js environment and already has all of npm’s 400,000 packages pre-installed, including team-cli with all npm packages installed. Try it out:

var teamCli = require("team-cli")

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team-cli v1.0.5

Automate all the things with a team-centric CLI.


npm version

Automate all the things with a team-centric CLI. Abstract away annoying day-to-day tasks and eliminate tribal team knowledge by building your team their very own CLI.

Getting Started

Initialize Project

mkdir teamname-cli
cd teamname-cli
git init
npm init
npm install --save team-cli

Create Bin index.js

Then in an index.js you could write the following:

#!/usr/bin/env node

const { resolve } = require('path');
const cli = require('team-cli');

const commandsDir = resolve(__dirname, 'commands');

Point to Bin index.js in Package

Then customize your package.json to include a path to the bin:

"bin": {
  "NAME_OF_TOOL": "./index.js"

Create Commands

Then you may make a commands directory with files like command-foo.js:

const run = require('team-cli/terminal');
const { resolve } = require('path');

const script = resolve(__dirname, ''); // also supports bash .ps1 scripts

const action = async param => {
  await run(script, param)
  // Or, run any Node code you wish

module.exports = {
  title: 'foo <param>',
  description: 'Calls foo',

Try it out!

node ./index.js --help


Any command can export the following options:

  title: 'foo', // or 'foo <required_param>' or 'foo [optional_param]'
  action: (param) => {} // function with param as a string or undefined
  description: 'Calls foo', // optional
  alias: 'f', // optional
  option: ['-f, --force', 'Forces something to happen'], // optional, this will become available globally not just per-command

For Your Users

At any time a --help or -h may be passed to log commands to the console.


Optionally, you may find it useful to walk users through a guided CLI experience with prompts to your users. I suggest prompts for this task, but any tool of your choice will work within an action.

Example usage with prompts:

const action = async (cmd) => {
  if (!cmd) {
    let { value: cmdResponse } = await prompts({
        type: 'text',
        name: 'value',
        message: 'Which git command would you like to run?',
    cmd = cmdResponse
  await run(`git ${cmd}`, '~/aCoolRepo');


The environment's log level can be changed with process.env.LOG_LEVEL to any of winston's supported log levels including verbose.

To customize where logs are saved, pass a second param in your index.js's cli call like so:

cli(commandsDir, logsDir)


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