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telefonnummer v0.5.2

Phone number formatter for Swedish phone numbers


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Telefonnummer is phone number in Swedish. This package formats all Swedish phone numbers, both mobile and landline, to a standard format. Area code information is provided by Post- och telestyrelsen (PTS).


yarn add telefonnummer


parse(phoneNumber: string, separator?: string): string

Take a phone number and return a parsed version of the number. Parser is also default export of package, but might be removed as default in the future.


import { parse } from 'telefonnummer'
// OR import telefonnummer from 'telefonnummer'

parse('222') // Röstbrevlåda (Voicemail in Swedish)
parse('0701234567') // 070-123 45 67
parse('468123456') // 08-12 34 56
parse('031626262') // 031-62 62 62
parse('050012345') // 0500-123 45

// With custom separator
parse('0701234567', ':') // 070:123 45 67

Area code

areaCode(area: string): string

Returns the area code of the provided city


import { areaCode } from 'telefonnummer'

areaCode('Stockholm') // 08
areaCode('Korpilombolo') // 0977

Numbering area

numberingArea(areaCode: string | number): string

Returns the numbering area for a provided area code or phone number. Also handles numbers without leading zero.


import { numberingArea } from 'telefonnummer'

numberingArea('0977-123 45') // Korpilombolo
numberingArea('081234567') // Stockholm
numberingArea('08') // Stockholm
numberingArea('031') // Göteborg
numberingArea(8) // Stockholm


validate(phoneNumber: string): boolean

Validate both mobile and landline numbers.


import { validate } from 'telefonnummer'

validate('0977-123 45') // true
validate('081234567') // true
validate('050012123456') // false

Area codes

areaCodes(): string[]

Returns a number sorted array of all the area codes.


import { areaCodes } from 'telefonnummer'

//  [
//    '011 Norrköping',
//    '0120 Åtvidaberg',
//    '0121 Söderköping',
//    ....
//  ]


yarn test
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