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var tenji = require("tenji")

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tenji v1.0.3

Converts Japanese text and 点字.


Converts Japanese text to 点字 (Braille).


$ npm install tenji


const tenji = require('tenji');

tenji.toTenji('こんにちわ'); // '⠪⠴⠇⠗⠄'

tenji.fromTenji('⠱⠜⠒⠅⠑'); // 'さよーなら'

//Braille Kanji is supported!
tenji.toTenji('漢点字', {kanji: true}); // '⢱⢚⠷⣸⠓⢜'

tenji.fromTenji('⠱⣎⣁⠾⡤⢲⢂⠆⡲⠦⠤⡄', {kanji: true}); //'東京スカイツリー'

tenji.toTenji(text [, options])

Converts Japanese text to Tenji.


  • preserveSpaces (boolean): Preserves any space characters in text. Otherwise all spaces are converted into U+2800 (⠀). Defaults to false.
  • lowerDots (boolean): Use lower 6 dots instead of upper 6 dots. Defaults to false. This option is force to be true if kanji option is enabled.
  • kanji (boolean): Enables 漢点字 support.
  • noNormalize (boolean): Prevents text from being text.normalize('NFKC').

tenji.fromTenji(text [, options])

Converts Tenji to Japanese Text.


  • space (string): Space character generated by U+2800 (⠀). Defaults to U+0020 ( ).
  • kanji (boolean): Enables 漢点字 support.




  • v1.0.3: Fix the bug that "⠰" which is used as 読点 also made next hiragana 濁音.
  • v1.0.2: Can now convert some more 記号s.
  • v1.0.1: Bug fix
  • v1.0.0




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