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var terminalQuotes = require("terminal-quotes")

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terminal-quotes v1.0.5

Fresh custom quotes in your terminal

🌟 Terminal Quotes 🌟

Fresh custom quotes in your terminal


$ npm install -g terminal-quotes


$ terminal-quotes [OPTIONS]
$ node <path/to/terminal-quotes/cli.js> [OPTIONS]


Output a random quote from programming-quotes-json

$ terminal-quotes

🌟 Terminal Quotes 🌟

"Software is like sex: it's better when it's free."

--Linus Torvalds



  --total, -t  Total quotes to print, defaults 1

$ quotes is an alias of $ terminal-quotes

Show some quotes when open your terminal

  • Edit your bashrc file
    $ nano ~/.bashrc
  • At the end of the file add:
    node <path/to/terminal-quotes/cli.js>

Use with custom quotes

Just update in the package.json the config property like this:

"config": {
  "source": "",
  "quoteTextProp": "quote",
  "authorTextProp": "author"

where array.json looks like

    "quote": "Life is awesome!",
    "author": "unknow",
    "source": ""

terminal-quotes will fetch the .json of quotes and for every quotes print quoteTextProp value as the quote itself and authorTextProp value as the author.

Note: terminal-quotes not support redirection, make sure the source URL returns a response 2xx and not a redirect.


MIT © Julio Cesar Martin


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