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terser-folder v2.0.0

Run terser on a folder and minify the result in a single file


Build Status

Command to run terser (js minifier) on a folder and minify the result in a single file or a new folder.

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install terser-folder -g


  terser-folder path [options]

  -c --comments      Add a comment with the file name.
  -o --output        Specify a file/folder to write the minified code
  -e --each          Minify each file independently
  -x --extension     Minified file extension (default: .min.js)
  -p --pattern       Specifies a comma separated glob patterns for the file selections. Default: **/*.js
     --pseparator    Specifies the separator for the pattern input. Default: ,
     --version       Prints the current version from package.json
     --config-file   Specifies a json configuration file for the terser/uglify-es module'
  -h --help          Print this list and exit.


$ terser-folder test-folder
$ terser-folder test-folder --comments
$ terser-folder test-folder -o all.min.js
$ terser-folder test-folder --output all.min.js --pattern "**/*.js,!**/*min.js" # ignore minified files
$ terser-folder test-folder -eo newFolder
$ terser-folder test-folder -e -x .js -o test-folder # careful: overwrite all files in test-folder
$ terser-folder test-folder --config-file "./uglify.json"
where uglify.json contains
  "keep_fnames": true


Pull requests are appreciated.

Release History

  • 02/Jul/2018 - Switching to terser for better minification
  • 25/Nov/2017 - Added support for sourcemaps via the terser config file
    Exmaple configuration:
  "sourceMap": {
    "root": "../src",
    "url": "{file}.map"
  • 11/Nov/2017 - Added support for the --config-file option
  • 11/Nov/2017 - Upgraded to terser@3 and uglify-es@3
  • 27/Aug/2017 - Added support for the --pattern and --pseparator flags.
  • 06/Feb/2017 - Added support for the --harmony flag.
  • 28/Dec/2016 - Added support for sub folder output files. Example: terser-folder test-folder -o newFolder/nested/all.min.js
  • 01/Oct/2016 - Added the --extension flag
  • 12/Oct/2014 - Removes the extra files, organizes the code
  • 05/Jan/2014 - Initial release

Forked from ionutvmi/terser-folder and switched parser to terser for more efficient minification.

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