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var threeSimplicialComplex = require("three-simplicial-complex")

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three-simplicial-complex v69.0.6

render simplicial complexes with ThreeJS




Creates a THREE.Geometry from a 3D simplicial complex. See demo for an example.

var Complex = require('three-simplicial-complex')(THREE)

var mesh = {
    positions: [ [25,25,25], [15,15,25], [50,50,25], [15,15,15], ... ],
    cells: [ [0,1,2], [1,3,2], ...]

var complex = Complex(mesh)
complex.position.x = 2

This is useful for inter-op with modules like icosphere, bunny, stanford-dragon, mesh-combine, extrude-polyline, teapot, triangulate-contours, etc.



geo = Complex([mesh])

Creates a new THREE.Geometry with the given complex (optional), where mesh contains { positions, cells }.


Updates the THREE.Geometry with the new simplicial complex.


This uses an unusual versioning system to better support ThreeJS's (lack of) versioning. The major version of this repo will line up with ThreeJS releases (69.0.0 => r69). The minor will be reserved for any new features, and patch for bug fixes and documentation/readme updates. In some rare cases, a minor feature may introduce a breaking change; so it's generally safest to use tilde or save-exact for this module.


MIT, see for details.

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