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require("three/package.json"); // three is a peer dependency. var threejsPlyLoader = require("threejs-ply-loader")

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threejs-ply-loader v1.1.10

Node.js wrapper for three.js PLYLoader

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Three.js PLY file format loader to use with Node.js


Node.js wrapper for three.js PLYLoader (currently three.js v0.115.0).

Original PLYLoader source code can be found here.

Beside some minor edits, I added an additional helper function for converting Node Buffer to ArrayBuffer (convenience-wise) and I put in place tests.


const fs = require("fs");
const { join } = require("path");
const THREE = require("three");

// Require object constructor
const PLYLoader = require("threejs-ply-loader")(THREE);

// Instantiate PLYLoader object
const plyLoader = new PLYLoader();

// Read 3D Model as PLY file format
const sourceFilepath = join(__dirname, "assets/cube.ply");
const fileBuffer = fs.readFileSync(sourceFilepath);

// Convert node file Buffer to ArrayBuffer
const fileArrayBuffer = plyLoader.bufferToArrayBuffer(fileBuffer);

// Parse 3D model into THREE geometry
const geometry = plyLoader.parse(fileArrayBuffer);


An example is present in the examples folder. It will load a PLY file model and output its rendering to a PNG file. It can be run from a shell:

$ npm install
$ npm run example:cube-to-png

The output image is going to located in examples/temp/vertex-colored-cube.png


They can be run from a shell:

$ npm install
$ npm test

Development notes

Developed with Node v12.16.2

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