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var tocsify = require("tocsify")

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tocsify v2.0.0

Generates a table of contents based on the structure of your docsify docs directory!

📋 tocsify

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📋 npm module that generates a table of contents based on the file structure of a Docsify docs directory!


  • Adds relative path to title in each top-level entry for context.
  • Skips markdown files beginning with _.
  • Skips generation for headers marked {docsify-ignore}
  • If {docsify-ignore-all} exists in a top level header (# Example Header {docsify-ignore-all}), skip generating the table of contents for the entire document.


Install globally for use in any Docsify project!

npm install -g tocsify


Save to File

From the root of your project, simply run:

tocsify ./docs --file=./docs/

Save File with Verbose Output

For verbose output that also saves to a file, run:

tocsify ./docs --file=./docs/ --verbose

Write to Console

To just write to stdout -- without saving a file -- run:

tocsify ./docs --verbose


Integration with a Docsify homepage is easy!

In, paste the snippet below where the Table of Contents should appear:

## Table of Contents
[filename]( ':include')

A working file can be found in the docs directory here for reference.

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