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transdux v0.1.1

  • Transdux

I'm trying to documenting in more detail, but if you have any question, feel free to #+ATTR_HTML: title="Join the chat at" [[][file:]]

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#+BEGIN_QUOTE Finnally a flux like framework don't even need a tutorial, our [[./examples/todomvc][TodoMVC]] will tell you all. #+END_QUOTE

Managing React Component state in Elegant & Functional way with transducers and channels from ClojureScript

** Rationale flux and redux are great and solve state management and communication pretty well.

But they are too complicated, users have to know toomany things about store, dispatcher, actions which they shouldn't

In reality what we have to do is actually just need to talk to whatever component I like and get my state from one source of truth, so the simplest way to do this is:

For component who has actions, only thing it have to define is what can it do.

For component who want to call other component's action, it directly dispatch a message to that component.

SO, all user have to know is to

  • define actions for your component
  • dispatch messages to any component you want to talk to

and leave all the other dirty works (stores, states) to our functional transducers, channels and pubsub that user don't really need to care about.

The Big Picture [[]]

We're using Channels/Actors Model from Clojure -- core.async, It's compile to JS by [[][conjs]]

Basic Idea we composed channels, subs, pubs, and transducers together like tunnels, every message goes through the tunnel will got process by the transducer with action function user provided.

so, whenever a message is dispatch to input channel, you'll get new state from the corresponding output channel. you don't need to care about how the dispatching really happen in the framework.

** Install In your React project #+BEGIN_SRC sh npm install transdux --save #+END_SRC

** Usage to wire in transdux, only 4 place you have to pay attention to. *** 1. wrap you app with Transdux #+BEGIN_SRC html #+END_SRC *** 2. define what your component can do #+BEGIN_SRC js // MainSection.jsx let actions = { complete(msg, state){ return {>{ if( todo.completed = !todo.completed return todo }) } }, clear(msg,state){ return { todos: state.todos.filter(todo=>todo.completed==false) } } } #+END_SRC *** for Mixin lover **** 3. mixin Transdux Mixin and Bind Actions #+BEGIN_SRC js // MainSection.jsx import {TxMixin} from 'transdux' let MainSection = React.createClass({ mixins: [TxMixin], componentDidMount(){ this.bindActions(actions) }, ... })


**** 4. mixin and dispatch a message #+BEGIN_SRC jsx //TodoItem.jsx import MainSection from './MainSection' let TodoItem = React.createClass({ mixins: [TxMixin], render(){ <input className="toggle" type="checkbox" checked={todo.completed} onChange={() => this.dispatch(MainSection, 'complete',{})} />


}) #+END_SRC

*** for ES6 class lover **** 3. mixin transdux into Class #+BEGIN_SRC js // TodoItem.jsx import {mixin} from 'transdux' let actions = { ... } class TodoItem extends React.Component { constructor(props){ super(props); this.state = {editing:false}; } ... } export default mixin(TodoItem, actions)


**** 4. dispatch a message #+BEGIN_SRC jsx //TodoItem.jsx import MainSection from './MainSection' class TodoItem extends React.Component { ... render(){ <input className="toggle" type="checkbox" checked={todo.completed} onChange={() => this.dispatch(MainSection, 'complete',{})} />


... }) export default mixin(TodoItem) #+END_SRC ** Examples

  • [[][todomvc]]
    • source: [[./examples]]

** API [[./docs/]]

** Performance for dispatching 1023 messages at the same time, here is the Memory Usage and Time elapsed

tested on /Macbook Pro 13, CPU 2.9GHz Intel Core i5, Mem 16GB 1867MHz DDR3/

*** transdux #+BEGIN_EXAMPLE Memory Usage Before: { rss: 43307008, heapTotal: 18550784, heapUsed: 11889192 } Memory Usage After: { rss: 46444544, heapTotal: 30921984, heapUsed: 15307800 } Elapsed 51ms #+END_EXAMPLE

*** setTimeout #+BEGIN_EXAMPLE Memory Usage Before: { rss: 45432832, heapTotal: 17518848, heapUsed: 12664416 } Memory Usage After: { rss: 46772224, heapTotal: 19570688, heapUsed: 10927824 } Elapsed 7ms #+END_EXAMPLE

*** redux #+BEGIN_EXAMPLE Memory Usage Before: { rss: 21647360, heapTotal: 9275392, heapUsed: 4559616 } Memory Usage After: { rss: 22638592, heapTotal: 9275392, heapUsed: 5472112 } Elapsed 4ms #+END_EXAMPLE

Yeah, I know, it's slower then redux, and I'm working on it. But, it's not bad, it's totally reasonable trade-off a little performance to get writing code which is more composable, reusable, testable and easy to reason about.

** TODOS [[./]]


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