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var translateJs = require("translate-js")

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translate-js v1.2.0

manage translations and localization with simple api

Translate JS

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Lightweight library for managing translations and localization with simple api. Works client and server side. Less then 1.5KB.


npm install translate-js --save

Basic usage

// add items to translate registry
    projectTitle: 'Project title',
    button: {
        text: 'Click me {{ userName }}!',
        caption: 'Please click me!'
    itemsCaption: [
        '{{ count }} item',
        '{{ count }} items'
    deep: {
        nested: {
            label: 'Deep nested label'

// get translations
translate('projectTitle'); // outputs  "Project title"
translate('button.text', {userName: 'George'}); // outputs  "Click me George!"
translate('button.caption'); // outputs  "Please click me!"
translate('itemsCaption', {count: 1}); // outputs  "1 item"
translate('itemsCaption', {count: 2}); // outputs  "2 items"
translate('deep.nested.label'); // outputs  "Deep nested label"

Advanced usage

// add items to specific locale
translate.add({projectTitle: 'Project title'}, 'en');
translate.add({projectTitle: 'Título del Proyecto'}, 'es');

// add items to specific locale and prefix keys with custom namespace
translate.add({numberInput: 'Value is not a number'}, 'en', 'errors');
translate.add({numberInput: 'El valor no es un número'}, 'es', 'errors');

// get translations
translate('projectTitle'); // outputs  "Project title"
translate('projectTitle', null, {locale: 'es'}); // outputs  "Título del Proyecto!"
translate('errors.numberInput'); // outputs  "Value is not a number"

// set locale for future translate calls
translate.getLocale(); // outputs "es"
translate('errors.numberInput'); // outputs  "El valor no es un número"

// change what happens when item is not in registry
translate.whenUndefined = function(key, locale) {
    return key + ':undefined:' + locale
translate('errors.dateInput'); // outputs  "errors.dateInput:undefined:es"

// change how translate interpolates template strings
translate.add({welcomeMessage: 'Hello $userName'});
translate('welcomeMessage', {userName: 'George'}); // outputs "Hello George"

// clear / empty translate registry

// create new translate registry



translate(key, templateData, options);

Translates string stored under specified key to current locale. Interpolates template string if templateData is given.

Specific locale translation can be specified via options.locale.

Pluralization is done in reference to "count" template data value when multiple variables are passed to translate function (override with options.pluralizeTo).


translate.add(items, locale, keyPrefix);

Imports items (plain or nested object) to translate registry under specific locale (defaults to "en"). Prefix on item keys can optionally be added as keyPrefix parameter; Plural translation form variations must me supplied as array.



Sets current locale for future translate calls.



Gets current locale



Sets regular expression for template strings interpolation.


translate.whenUndefined = function(key, locale) {};

Define custom handler for use case when requested item is not in registry.



clear / empty all items in translate registry


translate.setPluralizationRule('en', function(count) {
    return (1 === count) ? 0 : 1;
}, {pluralizeTo: 'count'});

Set locale specific pluralization rule function to determine plural form variation index.



Creates new isolated translate registry


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