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travis-multirunner lists no main file and has no index.js, so it can't be directly required. If this is a mistake, please let us know. It may however contain internal files that you can require manually:

// require("travis-multirunner/[??]")

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travis-multirunner v2.0.2

Travis Multirunner

This is a set of scripts designed to help you get up and running multibrowser tests on travis. The scripts themselves are designed to be fetched during a travis before_install process and used to prepare your environment.


Build Status


First, create a .travis.yml folder in your project that looks similar to the followng:

sudo: false
language: node_js
- 0.10

    - BROWSER=chrome  BVER=stable
    - BROWSER=chrome  BVER=beta
    - BROWSER=chrome  BVER=unstable
    - BROWSER=firefox BVER=stable
    - BROWSER=firefox BVER=beta
    - BROWSER=firefox BVER=unstable

  fast_finish: true

    - env: BROWSER=chrome  BVER=unstable
    - env: BROWSER=firefox BVER=nightly

  - ./node_modules/travis-multirunner/
  - export DISPLAY=:99.0
  - sh -e /etc/init.d/xvfb start

  - for file in *.log; do echo $file; echo "======================"; cat $file; done || true

  - {{ }}

The most interesting part of the configuration file above is definitely the before_install section which defines a number of commands that will be executed in the TRAVIS environment prior to running the language appropriate install command.

The commands above are used to pull down the contents of this repository into a .trunner within the travis build environment. Once this is completed, the ./travis/ command is run which will knows how to provision a browser based on a BROWSER (specifying the browser name) and BVER which defines the version to test. This script is an only very slightly modified version of the script written by @mithro.

This is where the matrix section comes into play. In the .travis.yml file above, I've used the matrix to tell travis that I want to a few variants of both chrome and firefox. It should be noted that the original script does this is a slightly different way, but I wanted to use the BROWSER environment variable later when running my npm test command.

Prior Art

None of this would have been possible without the docs and code listed below:


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