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var tris = require("tris")

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tris v1.0.1

template, style and script tags code rewriter


npm build

Template, style and script tags code compiler.

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tris is a compiler, that lets you transform files which contain a template, style and script tags. This package is intended to be primarly used by other packages and build tools.

By default it lets you combine any standard html, css and js code into a single file. The plugin based architecture lets you use the library in your existing applications - you can hook it in and turn on the plugins one by one, to simplify the code migrations.

<div class='foo'>Hello, world!</div>
.foo {
  color: red;
console.log('Hello, world!')


npm install tris


async tris (source, options)

The source code can be transformed with plugins.

const tris = require('tris')

tris(source, {
  plugins: [
    function ({ template, style, script }) {
      // change the abstract syntax tree of given node here

You can also preprocess the content of a chosen tag.

const tris = require('tris')

tris(source, {
  preprocess: (name, source) => {
    if (name === 'template') {
      return source.replace('foo', 'bar')
    return source

The abstract syntax trees are created via:

You can transform the abstract syntax trees with plugins. Order of the plugins matters, they're used sequentially.




All contributions are highly appreciated! Open an issue or a submit PR.


MIT © buxlabs

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