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var trufflePersonalities = require("truffle-personalities")

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truffle-personalities v1.0.0

Relatable names for your Truffle test accounts.

Truffle Personalities

Alias the default Truffle or Ganache accounts with relatable names.


Truffle Personalities will alias n accounts, where n is the lesser of the number of accounts provided and the number of names available. The default list of names, in order of assignment, is as follows:

  1. ALICE
  2. BOB
  3. CAROL
  4. DAVID
  5. EVE
  6. FRANK
  7. GRACE
  8. HEIDI
  9. IVAN
  10. JUDY
  12. LIAM
  14. NIAJ
  15. OLIVIA
  16. PEGGY
  19. SYBIL
  20. TRENT
  22. VICTOR
  23. WENDY
  24. XIMENA
  25. YAAKOV
  26. ZARA


npm install --save truffle-personalities


Pass the accounts array provided to Truffle's contract function to Truffle Personalities.

const trufflePersonalities = require('truffle-personalities');

contract('TestContract', function (accounts) {

  accounts.ALICE === accounts[0];
  // => true

  accounts.BOB === accounts[1];
  // => true


An options object may be passed as the second argument.

contextthe object to which aliases are assignedaccounts
namesarray of names to assign before using the default names[]
toLowerCaseboolean describing whether to convert names to lower case rather than to upper casefalse


Pass a list of custom names to override the defaults. This example proposes the use of NOLAN as "nobody", or an uninvolved third party, and OWEN as a contract's owner.

trufflePersonalities(accounts, { names: ['NOLAN', 'owen'], toLowerCase: true});

accounts.NOLAN === undefined;
// => true

accounts.nolan === accounts[0];
// => true

accounts.owen === accounts[1];
// => true

accounts.alice === accounts[2];
// => true

Pass the global object as the context option in order to access the aliased addresses as standalone variables.

trufflePersonalities(accounts, { context: global });

accounts.ALICE === undefined;
// => true

ALICE === accounts[0];
// => true
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