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var tweetLocation = require("tweet-location")

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tweet-location v0.1.0

Returns a latitude and longitude from a Twitter place ID


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Returns a place object including latitude and longitude from a Twitter place ID


npm install tweet-location --save


var tweetLocation =  require('tweet-location');

var credentials = require('./credentials'); // see below for template

tweetLocation('df51dec6f4ee2b2c', credentials, function(results){
    console.log(results); // Do whatever with the results

Feeding Strait into Google Maps

Google Maps requires a latitude and longitude object which can be created from the center point of the polygon of coordinates returned, and then reversed and rounded.

To return a latitude and longitude object, simply specify the final optional parameter as true.

tweetLocation('5d838f7a011f4a2d', credentials, function(latLonObject){
   // Send latLonObject to map!
}, true);


You will need to register your application at Then copy and paste the following into a JSON object similar to that below. Ideally you should put this in a separate .gitignore'd file

module.exports = {
    consumer_key    : 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
    consumer_secret : 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
    token           : 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
    token_secret    : 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

Note about Data Limits

Twitter imposes a limit of 15 requests every 15 minutes. After this the Twitter API returns a single empty JSON object.


Run npm test


  • gulp build - Lints and compiles CoffeeScript
  • gulp test - Runs tests
  • gulp - Watches for changes, cleans working directory, builds and tests


MIT � Alicia Sykes

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