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var unicodeByteTruncate = require("unicode-byte-truncate")

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unicode-byte-truncate v1.0.0

Unicode aware string truncation that given a max byte size will truncate the string to or just below that size


Truncate a string to a given byte size by removing bytes from the right while making sure not to slice in the middle of a multi-byte unicode character.

Build status js-standard-style


npm install unicode-byte-truncate --save


var trunc = require('unicode-byte-truncate')

var str = 'foo🎉bar' // 10 byte string - byte 4 to 7 is a single character

console.log(trunc(str, 4)) // `foo` == 0x666F6F (3 bytes)
console.log(trunc(str, 5)) // `foo` == 0x666F6F (3 bytes)
console.log(trunc(str, 6)) // `foo` == 0x666F6F (3 bytes)
console.log(trunc(str, 7)) // `foo🎉` == 0x666F6FF09F8E89 (7 bytes)


The unicode-byte-truncate module exposes a single trunc function.

result = trunc(string, maxBytes)

Given a string and a maxBytes integer greater than or equal to zero, the trunc function will slice characters off the end of the string to ensure that it doesn't contain more bytes than specified by the maxBytes argument.

The truncated string will be returned as the result.

The trunc function is multi-byte unicode aware and will never cut up surrogate pairs. This means that the result may contain fewer bytes than specified by the maxBytes argument.



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