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var uuidv5 = require("uuidv5")

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uuidv5 v1.0.0

Generates named version 5 UUIDs



npm install uuidv5


var uuidv5 = require('uuidv5');

If you are unfamiliar with v5 UUIDs, read this. For a deeper look, read RFC 4122.


uuidv5(namespace, name, [raw_output])

  • namespace can be 'url', 'dns', 'oid', 'x500', or 'null'. If it's none of those, it must be a UUID to use as a namespace, either in string or Buffer form.
  • name can be a string or Buffer. What it should contain is namespace-dependent.
  • raw_output is an optional flag. If set to true, the UUID will be returned as a Buffer instead of as a string.


Takes a Buffer-form uuid and returns it as a string.


Takes a UUID as a string (with or without dashes [-]) and returns it as a Buffer.


var uuidv5 = require('uuidv5');

// Generate a UUID in the default URL namespace
var urlUUID = uuidv5('url', '');

// Default DNS namespace
var dnsUUID = uuidv5('dns', '');

// Create your own namespace
var privns = uuidv5('null', 'my-private-namespace', true); // Buffer form is more efficient
var privUUID = uuidv5(privns, 'some-named-thing');
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