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require("verdaccio/package.json"); // verdaccio is a peer dependency. var verdaccioGithubOauthUi = require("verdaccio-github-oauth-ui")

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verdaccio-github-oauth-ui v1.7.3

📦🔐 Verdaccio GitHub OAuth UI

A GitHub OAuth Plugin for Verdaccio –

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The plugin is similar to verdaccio-github-oauth, but also changes the UI login behaviour. When clicking the login button, instead of filling in a login form, you are asked to log in with GitHub.

In case you need CLI support for automation purposes, the plugin is also compatible with sinopia-github-oauth-cli.


$ npm install verdaccio-github-oauth-ui


Verdaccio Config

Merge the below options with your existing Verdaccio configuration:

    client-id: $GITHUB_OAUTH_CLIENT_ID # required
    client-secret: $GITHUB_OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET # required

    org: $GITHUB_OAUTH_ORG # required, people within this org will be able to auth

The values for client-id and client-secret can either be an environment variable name or the value itself.

GitHub Config

When creating the OAuth app at, the callback URL should be:


If url_prefix is specified in the Verdaccio config then it must match the YOUR_REGISTRY_URL.

How to Login


Click the login button and login at GitHub, if not already logged in.

Authorize the registry. Important: When using a private GitHub org, make sure to click the Request button for read:org access. See #5.

After successful login and authorization, you're redirected back to the verdaccio registry.

Command Line

To set up authentication with the registry in your npm CLI, you'll need to run the commands shown in the header:

To verify that the authentication token is set up correctly, run the following command:

$ npm whoami --registry YOUR_REGISTRY_URL

If you see your GitHub username, you are ready to start publishing packages.

Unless the token is revoked by you in the GitHub settings, it never expires.

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