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var versionChanged = require("version-changed")

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version-changed v2.0.0

Checks if the version in `package.json` has changed since the last commit.


Checks if the version in package.json has changed since the last commit.

Node version Build Status JavaScript Style Guide


$ npm i version-changed -S|-D|-g


In code:

const versionChanged = require('version-changed')
versionChanged((err, changed) => {
  if (err) throw err
  console.log('version changed', changed)

On command line:

$ version-changed && ./dosomething

When used in package.json it's more handy to shortcut with ||. For this reason you can use version-unchanged.

The prebuild script below will run prebuildify if the version has changed, but will not fail if the version didn't change.

  "scripts": {
    "prebuild": "version-unchanged || prebuildify --napi"


versionChanged(err, cb)

Calls back with (err, changed) where changed is true if the version in package.json at the current commit has changed compared to the previous commit, otherwise false.



Exits with 0 if the version has changed. Use this together with &&.


Exits with 0 if the version is unchanged. Use this together with ||.


This code was extracted from prebuild-ci. Kudos to @juliangruber. :heart:



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