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var voiceRepeater = require("voice-repeater")

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voice-repeater v1.0.3

Drop in module for replaying prompts when the user ask for repeat of the last prompt


Actions on Google Dialog Flow add-on. VoiceRepeater is a drop in module that repeats the last prompt with a prefix.

You need to run the following in the directory of your package.json:

npm install voice-repeater --save

You need to add something like the following to your code:

If you are following the action map pattern, there are four things you need to do in the code

  • Add require statement
  • Configure VoiceRepeater
  • Add function handler
  • Register function handler
const VoiceRepeater = require('voice-repeater').VoiceRepeater; // Add require statement

exports.yourFunction = functions.https.onRequest((request, response) => {
    let voiceRepeater = new VoiceRepeater(app);  // Configure VoiceRepeater
    function repeatLastStatment(app) { // Add function handler
    const actionMap = new Map();
    actionMap.set('repeat_last_statement', repeatLastStatment); // Register function handler

Add changes to API.AI

You should create an intent that will trigger when you want the voice app to repeat itself.

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