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var vuePronto = require("vue-pronto")

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vue-pronto v1.8.2

Seriously fast vue server renderer


NPM version Build Status Dependency Status Coverage percentage Greenkeeper badge Codacy Badge

Rendering Engine for turning Vue files into Javascript Objects


$ npm install --save vue-pronto


Include the library at the top level like so

const Pronto = require('vue-pronto');

Then init the renderer

const renderer = new Pronto({object});

This returns 2 main functions. It takes 3 params, 2 required and one optional.

renderer.RenderToString(componentPath, data, [vueOptions]);
renderer.RenderToStream(componentPath, data, [vueOptions]);

Both methods return a promise. Stream returns a stream, and String returns a string.


renderer.RenderToStream(vuefile, data, vueOptions) ⇒ Promise

renderToStream returns a stream from res.renderVue to the client

Kind: instance method of Renderer Returns: Promise - - Promise returns a Stream

vuefilestringfull path to .vue component
dataObjectdata to be inserted when generating vue class
vueOptionsObjectvue options to be used when generating head


renderer.RenderToString(vuefile, data, vueOptions) ⇒ Promise

renderToStream returns a string from res.renderVue to the client

Kind: instance method of Renderer



    rootPath: path.join(__dirname, '/../tests'),
    vueVersion: "2.3.4",
    template: {
        body: {
            start: '<body><div id="app">',
            end: '</div></body>'
    head: {
        metas: [
                property: 'og:title',
                content: 'Page Title'
                name: 'twitter:title',
                content: 'Page Title'
                name: 'viewport',
                content: 'width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no'
        scripts: [
            {src: ''}
        styles: [

    data: {
        thing: true


Apache-2.0 © Daniel Cherubini

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