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var vzDockerino = require("vz-dockerino")

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vz-dockerino v0.0.15

Small container to execute external student octave programs


Small container to execute external student octave programs


Install it with

npm install vz-dockerino


    vz-dockerino [ -p PORT ] [ -n NUM ] [ -t SEC ]
    vz-dockerino ( -h | --help )

    -h, --help              help for vz-dockerino
    -p, --port PORT         port on which to listen (default: 3000)
    -n, --number NUM        number of concurrent requests that can be managed
    -t, --timeout SEC       timeout in seconds (default: 1)




The server exposes two endpoints at port 3000

post /payload

Executes an EDX payload with the following schema:

    code {
    base, solution, validation, context, lang


  • 200 - OK, result payload
  • 503 - Server unavailable

post /status

No schema needed; returns:

  • 204 - server ready
  • 503 - Server unavailable (candidate for destruction)


Add the following API endpoints:

post /kill

  • Tries to kill executing program


  • Vittorio Zaccaria


Released under the BSD License.

New features

  • increase timeout for older machines -- [May 15th 16](../../commit/583f792b045b8bfd18754d4c0e0c66a890aa57ee)
  • log execution time -- [May 15th 16](../../commit/14b0f8cba9968304131390e850b0124837ae8cfe)
  • update dockerfile -- [May 10th 16](../../commit/6f15b16b01baff2f27797dcddcb2cf84f31a3332)
  • some changes to the documentation -- [May 4th 16](../../commit/6185b6a6c1231351965ff302933a68345a321809)
  • add script for integration test -- [May 3rd 16](../../commit/391bdd398842d42a890ce906b9e180dffe2f38c4)
  • add timeout -- [May 3rd 16](../../commit/62edb6b7807e2ee9f46b6f008ee46fe888d87d7b)
  • add docker tls verify -- [Apr 29th 16](../../commit/59c4e8f20689a5945b9449f44921e7637a7cd38e)
  • add makefile and tls verify to kube-up -- [Apr 28th 16](../../commit/7bba227b6a644e3cb60f9091506ef81d183dadb5)
  • add concurrent requests setting -- [Apr 26th 16](../../commit/c6cba1e58a1b7fba50f9d297d95ba27d6f458d75)
  • working towards kubernetes containerization -- [Apr 20th 16](../../commit/31f589b303c58322434bd4d8400c4b942dd38fd0)
  • add busy indicator -- [Apr 12th 16](../../commit/cf7dd4f940e3281c1f8153774b1e74a5ea3683a9)
  • add run payload -- [Apr 12th 16](../../commit/5e1138c6173dc689add3fcfd279d455e4cfe96d2)
  • add request parse -- [Apr 11th 16](../../commit/d0b904b1c44e9b584ee087ce7cae33f8fd83e87b)
  • add sandbox creation and command execution -- [Apr 8th 16](../../commit/10f645ea5d46c065492a9716d1e4d1b14be4195e)
  • add interactive nodemon development -- [Apr 6th 16](../../commit/c3d3a03c6509d816aafde1f222a1179135209f18)

Bug fixes

  • handle exception on the processRequest path -- [Aug 29th 16](../../commit/aff6daf001aa05bee28f4eb06efb7054a5346c55)
  • changes to enable position independent read of docs/usage -- [Jul 15th 16](../../commit/e55ef0228b0575f279ac93358a8eb445a5d9ecbb)
  • issue with html entities -- [May 19th 16](../../commit/033412c1067d39eae6bf6b3799c7bcab5a452ea0)
  • increase timout -- [May 17th 16](../../commit/8404dc14a34c607ebfbc41890ff60c9368e846a6)
  • remove mocha timeouts -- [May 15th 16](../../commit/e9c13e228eea4db7b13509d7d1c6a5abcc8b013f)
  • answer format -- [May 11th 16](../../commit/6f048cc9a9f1b23dba33fb24746ac8d549b18b87)
  • remove wrong nesting -- [May 10th 16](../../commit/3738604c32fedfc812d09019c98b7a0419954d5c)
  • test output -- [May 3rd 16](../../commit/807839d9799d7796b25d8b5f1e4692c919b4834d)
  • test port -- [Apr 24th 16](../../commit/04ac16d3b5583b3fe4361848fd063b4f2b8cb3bd)
  • add missing dep -- [Apr 24th 16](../../commit/266319f825049f4b1cdfcedbdf29fcc7e72dd3ee)
  • update deps -- [Apr 24th 16](../../commit/2c4dd07746740dce6ec01aa7efb0659f8bb1340f)
  • missing lodash package -- [Apr 24th 16](../../commit/0f277a0e0c9e36da0c4013d78f8eed6adc413ee2)
  • add missing makefile -- [Apr 24th 16](../../commit/a6a50270a6627fddcbeb0b40c3aad11b411d7bbe)
  • end2end tests -- [Apr 21st 16](../../commit/486b2c800f998cf5097c7ba05c47a7a0b1143102)
  • getting the wrong response -- [Apr 20th 16](../../commit/32d184d80db5a92aeb6cfd0d3ccf1dbe4d8baa19)
  • change api endpoint name for the better -- [Apr 12th 16](../../commit/c8f7257c86ea6e144f8126c5c5a394dbe5761fd3)
  • inject deps into the app -- [Apr 12th 16](../../commit/5b29f476495df71b3037313536a33d812f5e0492)
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