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This is a playground to test code. It runs a full Node.js environment and already has all of npm’s 400,000 packages pre-installed, including waiting-around with all npm packages installed. Try it out:

var waitingAround = require("waiting-around")

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waiting-around v0.0.0

wait around in a queue with this ui widget


Wait around in a big queue, like this:

waiting around

live demo


This module is a browser widget. Just whip up a main.js like this:

var files = {
    'images/robot.png' : 0.6,
    'images/twain.png' : 0.7,
    'images/trex.png' : 1,
    'images/poe.png' : 1,
    'images/triceratops.png' : 1,
    'images/t-rex.png' : 1,
    'images/apatosaur.png' : 1,
    'images/raptor.png' : 1,
    'images/spy.png' : 0.8

var createQueue = require('waiting-around');
var queue = createQueue(files);

var spot = 35;
var total = 80;
var iv = setInterval(function () {
    spot --;
    total --;
    if (spot === 0) return clearInterval(iv);, total);
}, 250);

Then use browserify to generate a bundle that you can drop into your html:

$ browserify main.js -o bundle.js


var createQueue = require('waiting-around');

var queue = createQueue(images)

Create a new queue widget with an array or hash of images to use for the avatars.


Append the queue dom element to the target element., total)

Set your place in the queue at spot n of total.

You will have a pinkish dot over your head.

Spots will be created and destroyed around you.

queue.resize(width, height)

Set the size of the queue.

The avatars will be re-positioned to account for the new dimensions.


Empty out the queue.


With npm do:

npm install waiting-around



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