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var webStorages = require("web-storages")

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web-storages v0.1.3

An emulator for localStorage and sessionStorage


Version Build status

Emulating localStorage and sessionStorage if not exist.


Install with npm:

npm install web-storages

API - Set functions by args

    // On node.js, storages will attached to global automatically.
    // Take care for that exporting storages are not equals global storages.
    // localStorage
    localStorage.setItem('hoge', 'Hello,hoge!');
    localStorage.setItem('fuga', 'Hello,fuga!');
    console.log(localStorage.getItem('hoge')); // => 'Hello,hoge!'
    console.log(localStorage.key(0)); // => 'hoge'
    console.log(localStorage.length()); // => 2
    console.log(localStorage.getItem('hoge'))); // => null
    console.log(localStorage.length()); // => 1
    console.log(localStorage.getItem('fuga'))); // => null
    console.log(localStorage.length()); // => 0
    // sessionStorage
    sessionStorage.setItem('hoge', 'Hello,hoge!');
    sessionStorage.setItem('fuga', 'Hello,fuga!');
    console.log(sessionStorage.getItem('hoge')); // => 'Hello,hoge!'
    console.log(sessionStorage.key(0)); // => 'hoge'
    console.log(sessionStorage.length()); // => 2
    console.log(sessionStorage.getItem('hoge'))); // => null
    console.log(sessionStorage.length()); // => 1
    console.log(sessionStorage.getItem('fuga'))); // => null
    console.log(sessionStorage.length()); // => 0

also use on browser

On browser, storages will attached to window automatically.
Now, almost all browsers have implemented web-storage, so that
native module is used in natural.

If you want to use this storages on a modern browser,
you have to prepare "module.exports" object or "global" object
on window namespace.

Ways to import module with using "require-js"
or "foonyah" is awesome way for importing module.

And more, 4 functions to access "document.cookie" are attached to exports.
docCookie(document) ... change cookie document to arguments[0] provided.
keyCookie() ... get cookies key array.
setCookie(key, value, options) ... set a cookie value. options accepts or to given days of period.
getCookie(key) .. get a cookie value.

<script type="text/javascript">

    var src = '';
      localStorage.setItem( ... )

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