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var web3FusionExtend = require("web3-fusion-extend")

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web3-fusion-extend v1.0.0-beta.36

A web3 layer with functions for FUSON's protocol

Fusion JavaScript API

A version of the readme as online documentation can be found at:

This package extends the Ethereum compatible JavaScript API which implements the Generic JSON RPC spec to support the Fusion protocol.

It's available on npm as a node module.

NPM version sudo port select --set python python36

You need to run a local Ethereum node to use this library.


Table of Contents



npm install web3-fusion-extend


yarn add web3-fusion-extend


Create a web3 object as your normally would and then call web3FusionExtend with that object. web3 will then have two additional interfaces (fsn and fsntx)

    var web3FusionExtend = require('web3-fusion-extend')
    web3 = new Web3(provider);
    web3 = web3FusionExtend.extend(web3)
console.log(web3); // {fsn: .., fsntx: ...} // It's here!

There you go, now you can use it:

var balance = web3.eth.getBalance(coinbase);
        .getAllBalances( web3.eth.coinbase ) // fsn supports multiple assets and balances on an address
        .then( balances => {
          console.log( balances )
          assert(  balances[web3.fsn.consts.FSNToken] , "there should be a balance for fusion tokens always"  )
        .catch(err => {

You can find more examples in the test directory.

There is also a full block explorer api written as an example.


We'd greatly appreciate any contribution you make.




  • Node.js
  • npm
# On Linux:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo apt-get install npm
sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy

Testing (mocha)

When testing a connect string to a local fusion node and a wallet address is needed as environment variables

CONNECT_STRING="ws://" WALLET_ADDRESS="0x4A5a7Aa4130e407d3708dE56db9000F059200C62" npm test



LGPL-3.0+ © 2015 Contributors

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