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var wordAbuse = require("word-abuse")

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word-abuse v1.0.8

abuse word filter and replace algorithm using trie and DFA


abuse word filter and replace algorithm using trie and FDA


$npm install word-abuse


const Abuse = require('word-abuse');
const abuse = new Abuse({
    //relative address(compare to process.cwd()) to abuse words files folder
    //relative address(compare to process.cwd()) to meaningless symbol files folder
//or use const abuse = new Abuse() to use default word dictionary included in the module

let words_to_filter = "王@蜜&桃和王$*尼&&玛一起参加暴走大事件";
//abuse words are "王蜜桃", "王尼玛" and "大事件"

let words_after_filter = abuse.findWordInStr(words_to_filter, 0);

  • abuse words dictionary are stored in *.txt files like this:
  • meaningless symbol are stored in *.txt files like this:

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