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var writersStudio = require("writers_studio")

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writers_studio v0.0.59

A tool for writers



writer's tool to create associative mindmaps.

Relying on the motives modue, it is avaliable as a standalone desktop application, built with the popular electron framework. One of the cool things here is that electron brdiges the gab between clientside web application and the user's filesystem.

The motives module allows to create and maintain a number of connected associative mindsets which you can san by fulltext and tag search. But you can also link files or information, be it a file for a text editor, a presentation or a web research.

If you click on it, the respective file will be launched (in your text editor, presentation program or favorite browser).

So basically it is a tool that lets you manage great amount of i9nformation, perfect for a writer who takes care of a lot of characters. But it could be also useful for academics and researchers - anybody in need of a mtea adminstration tool.

##Desktop Applications

Since the electron packager is installed, you can create your application package yourself. Just type into the console

electron-packager . app --platform win32 --arch x64 
// this is for windows 64 bit 

electron-packager . app --platform win32 --arch ia32
// this is for windows 32 bit 

electron-packager . app --platform linux --arch ia32
// this is for linux 32 bit

electron-packager . app --platform linux --arch x64
// this is for linux 64 bit

electron-packager ./ --platform darwin --arch x64
// This is for OSX

electron-packager ./ --all
// this is for all the platforms, including Macintosh

Linux 32 bit

Linux 64 bit

Windows 32 bit

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