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var xRayHttpCache = require("x-ray-http-cache")

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x-ray-http-cache v2.0.0

http-cache driver for x-ray


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http-cache driver for x-ray.

Uses superagent-cache for caching.

See it's documentation for supported caching drivers.


npm install x-ray-http-cache --save


var httpCache = require('x-ray-http-cache');

// using redis for caching
var redisModule = require('cache-service-redis');

var redisCache = new redisModule({
  redisUrl: 'http://localhost:6379'

var Xray = require('x-ray');

var x = Xray()
    driver: redisCache,

    cacheWhenEmpty: false,
    expiration: 86400, // 24 hours

    // Optional: provide own superagent instance
    // superagent: require('superagent')

x('', 'title')(function(err, str) {
  console.log('Google', str);

  // close connection to redis when finished


It's currently not possible to determine whether or not to throttle based on cache.

However if you are sure the cache is already populated you can reset throttling using:

x.throttle(Infinity, 0);



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