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var xmlUrls = require("xml-urls")

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xml-urls v2.1.8

Get all urls from a Feed/Atom/RSS/Sitemap xml markup.


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Get all urls from a Feed/Atom/RSS/Sitemap xml markup.


$ npm install xml-urls --save


const xmlUrls = require('xml-urls')

;(async () => {
  const url = process.argv[2]
  if (!url) throw new TypeError('Need to provide an url as first argument.')
  const urls = await xmlUrls(url)

  urls.forEach(url => console.log(url))

  // => [
  //  '',
  //  '',
  //  '',
  //  '',
  //  '',
  //  '',
  //  ...
  // ]

See more at examples.


xmlUrls(urls, [options])


Type: string


Type: object

Use it for providing html-get#options.


Type: array
Default: []

A list of links to be excluded from the final output. It supports regex patterns.

See [matcher]( for know more.


  • html-urls – Get all urls from a HTML markup.
  • css-urls – Get all URLs referenced from stylesheet files.


xml-urls © Kiko Beats, released under the MIT License.
Authored and maintained by Kiko Beats with help from contributors. · GitHub @Kiko Beats · Twitter @Kikobeats

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