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var xtraverse = require("xtraverse")

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xtraverse v0.1.0

Wrapper for simplifying XML traversal.


Simplified traversal and building of an XML DOM.

This module provides a jQuery-like wrapper, but geared for traversing and manipulating an XML DOM, as opposeed to an HTML DOM. The API aims to be compatible with Strophe.js' Builder and Less-Than XML. The underlying DOM is W3C standard, provided by XMLDOM.


$ npm install xtraverse


Parse XML

var xml = fs.readFileSync('feed.xml', 'utf8');
var feed = XT(xml);

Traverse XML

for (var link = feed.children().first('link'); link.length > 0; link ='link')) {
for (var entry = feed.children().first('entry'); entry.length > 0; entry ='entry')) {
  console.log('Entry: ' + entry.children('title').text());

Build XML

var feed = XT('<feed xmlns=""/>')
  .c('title').t('Example Feed').up()
  .c('link', { href: '' })
  .c('entry').c('title').t('Atom-Powered Robots Run Amok').up().up()
  .c('entry').c('title').t('Today I Ate Pancakes');


$ npm install
$ npm test


Build Status David DM



The MIT License

Copyright (c) 2013 Jared Hanson <>

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