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var yodleeTransactions = require("yodlee-transactions")

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yodlee-transactions v1.0.7

functions to pull aggregate transaction data from Yodlee api

===Yodlee API helper ===

This npm module will let you grab amount of money spent on transactions, filtered by category.


$ npm install --save yodlee-transactions


//If you look into the node modules and check the test.js file, it will have a test example to work off of.
var yodlee = require('yodlee-transactions');

Authentication using Cobrand Credentials

Yodlee requires a cobSessionToken before we can access the API. Get your credentials here.

Yodlee uses the standard oauth authentication flow in order to allow apps to act on a user's behalf. The API provides a convenience method to help you authenticate your users.

below snippet is a starting point on using this module.

var yodlee = require("./index");
var cobrandUser = ""; //example format in sbCobxxxxx
var cobrandPassword = ""; //format is xxxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxxx the number of x is not accurate
var userName = ""; //example formats are sbMemxxxxx
var userPassword = ""; //example formate are in sbMemxxxxx
var cobSessionToken = "";
var userSessionToken = "";
var accounts = [];

function generateCobToken(cobrandUser, cobrandPassword){
  return yodlee.getCobSession(cobrandUser, cobrandPassword)
      var dataObj = JSON.parse(data);
      cobSessionToken = dataObj.session.cobSession;
      return cobSessionToken;

function generateUserToken(userName, userPassword){
  return function(cobSessionToken){
    return yodlee.getUserSession(cobSessionToken, userName, userPassword)
        var userObj = JSON.parse(user);
        userSessionToken = userObj.session.userSession;
        return userSessionToken;

function getAccounts() {
  return yodlee.getAccounts(cobSessionToken, userSessionToken)
      var dataObj = JSON.parse(data);
      accounts = [] //clearing it out kind of
      for (var k in dataObj){
        if (dataObj.hasOwnProperty(k)){

function getTransactions(accountId, fromDate, toDate) {
  return yodlee.getTransactions(cobSessionToken, userSessionToken, accountId, fromDate, toDate)
      return JSON.parse(data);

function getCategorySpending(transactionObj) {
  return yodlee.getCategorySpending(transactionObj);

//Running here
generateCobToken(cobrandUser, cobrandPassword)
  .then(generateUserToken(userName, userPassword))

Using the API

GET User Accounts

Returns the information related to the specified accounts aggregated by the User: Yodlee Docs

Next Steps

  • get specific accounts
  • get better accounting filter functions


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