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var zisui = require("zisui")

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zisui v1.3.4

Fast and simple storybook screenshooter.

zisui npm version CircleCI

A fast and simple CLI to screenshot your Storybook.



$ npm install zisui

How to use

zisui runs with 2 modes. One is "simple" and another is "managed".

With the simple mode, you don't need to configure your Storybook. Give an URL, such as:

$ zisui http://localhost:9001

You can launch your server via --serverCmd option.

$ zisui --serverCmd "start-storybook -p 9001" http://localhost:9001

Also, zisui can crawls built and hosted Storybook pages:

$ zisui

Managed mode

If you want to control how stories are captured (timing or size or etc...), use managed mode.

First, you need to register zisui Storybook addon.

/* .storybook/addons.js */

import 'zisui/register';

Next, use withScreenshot decorator to tell how zisui captures your stories.

/* .storybook/config.js */
import { addDecorator } from '@storybook/react';
import { withScreenshot } from 'zisui';


And you can overwrite the global screenshot options by decorating to specific stories.

storiesOf('SomeKind', module)
  viewport: {
    width: 600,
    height: 400,
.add('a story', () => /* your story component */);


Now, the withScreenshot decorator supports React only.

CLI options

```txt usage: zisui [options] storybook_url

Options: --help Show help [boolean] --version Show version number [boolean] --outDir, -o Output directory. [string] [default: "screenshots"] --parallel, -p Number of browsers to screenshot. [number] [default: 4] --flat, -f Flatten output filename. [boolean] [default: false] --include, -i Including stories name rule. [array] [default: []] --exclude, -e Excluding stories name rule. [array] [default: []] --viewport, -V Default viewport. [string] [default: "800x600"] --disableCssAnimation Disable CSS animation and transition. [boolean] [default: true] --silent [boolean] [default: false] --verbose [boolean] [default: false] --serverCmd Command line to launch Storybook server. [string] [default: ""] --serverTimeout Timeout [msec] for starting Storybook server. [number] [default: 20000] --captureTimeout Timeout [msec] for capture a story. [number] [default: 5000] --captureMaxRetryCount Number of count to retry to capture. [number] [default: 3] --metricsWatchRetryCount Number of count to retry until browser metrics stable. [number] [default: 1000] --viewportDelay Delay time [msec] between changing viewport and capturing. [number] [default: 300] --reloadAfterChangeViewport Whether to reload after viewport changed. [boolean] [default: false]

Examples: zisui http://localshot:9009 zisui http://localshot:9009 -i "some-kind/a-story" zisui -e "**/default" -V iPad zisui --serverCmd "start-storybook -p 3000" http://localshot:3000

<!-- endinject -->

### API

#### function `withScreenshot`

withScreenshot(opt?: ScreenShotOptions): Function;

A Storybook decorator to notify zisui to screenshot stories.

type ScreenShotOptions

type ScreenShotOptions = {
  waitImages?: boolean,         // default true
  delay?: number,               // default 0 msec
  waitFor?: string | Function,  // default ""
  viewport?: string | {
    width: number,              // default 800
    height: number,             // default 600
  fullPage?: boolean,           // default true
  skip?: boolean,               // default false
  • viewport: If you set a string parameter, it must be included Puppeteer's device descriptors.
  • waitFor : Sometimes you want control the timing to screenshot. If you set a function to return Promise, zisui waits the promise is resolved. Also you can set global function name to this.
<!-- .storybook/preview-head.html -->
  function myWait() {
    return new Promise(res => setTimeout(res, 5000));
  withScreenshot({ waitFor: 'myWait' }) // wait for 5 seconds.

Storybook version compatible

zisui is tested with the followings versions:

  • Simple mode:
    • [x] Storybook v4.x
    • [x] Storybook v5.x
  • Managed mode:
    • [x] Storybook v4.x
    • [x] Storybook v5.x

See also packages in examples directory.

How it works?

zisui is a crawler using Puppeteer.

How to contribute?

PR's are welcome :smile:

See CONTRIBUTING if you want more detail.



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