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var zuulMp = require("zuul-mp")

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zuul-mp v0.2.1

Runs your mocha tests with zuul and phantomjs locally or on a build server.

zuul-mp build status


zuul added a --phantom flag which provides the functionality that zuul-mp is meant to provide.

Please use zuul --phantom instead.

Runs your mocha tests with zuul and phantomjs locally or on a build server.



npm install zuul-mp


Invoke zuul-mp with the same arguments you would pass to zuul.

You can also include arguments for mocha-phantomjs.


zuul-mp test.js

# Override reporter
zuul-mp test.js --reporter list

# Override default port
zuul-mp test.js --local 3100

Here --reporter list is picked up by mocha-phantomjs and all other arguments by zuul.

Additionally the .zuul.yml is picked up and treated the exact same way as it is when running zuul directly.


You can use zuul-mp's main function directly to launch it from other tools.

zuulmp(args, cwd, cb)

Starts up a zuul server and runs mocha-phantomjs against it.

Name Type Description
args Array.<String>

arguments passed to zuul and phantomjs

cwd String

working directory to be used for zuul and mocha-phantomjs

cb function

called back with eventual error and the exit code (0 if all went good)


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