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var zxcvbnCliJson = require("zxcvbn-cli-json")

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zxcvbn-cli-json v1.0.9

A CLI for zxcvbn (Dropbox's realistic password strength estimator).


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A CLI for zxcvbn (Dropbox's realistic password strength estimator).

About zxcvbn

zxcvbn is a password strength estimator inspired by password crackers. Through pattern matching and conservative entropy calculations, it recognizes and weighs 30k common passwords, common names and surnames according to US census data, popular English words from Wikipedia and US television and movies, and other common patterns like dates, repeats (aaa), sequences (abcd), keyboard patterns (qwertyuiop), and l33t speak.

Visit the official repository for more details.

NOTE: This version of zxcvbn-cli is a fork. This contains some additional code that you may or may not want. Use at your own risk.


$ [sudo] npm install -g zxcvbn-cli-json


Typing zxcvbn --help will list all the available options.

$ zxcvbn --help
Usage: zxcvbn [options] <password> [userdata]

A realistic password strength estimator.

  -V, --version          output the version number
  -j, --json             json-encode zxcvbn results and output directly
  -l, --limit-results    display the password score, a warning (if any), and suggestions (if any)
  -S, --sequence         display match sequence along with the results
  -s, --crack-times-sec  display crack time estimations in seconds
  --no-color             disable color support
  -h, --help             output usage information


  • Consider adding an alias for this command in your bash_profile if you are having trouble typing it.
  • Make sure to surround your password in quotes if it contains special characters.


MIT © Gabriel Montalvo

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