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var compile = require("@marko/compile")

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@marko/compile v4.1.2

Compile Marko files

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Utility to compile Marko templates to JavaScript.


Getting Started

npm install @marko/compile
marko-compile template.marko


npx @marko/compile template.marko


marko-compile --server ./components/my-component.marko
marko-compile --browser ./components/my-component.marko


  • --server: Compiles a Marko file to render html.
  • --browser: Compiles a Marko file to render vdom.
  • --files --file -f *: Provide a pattern to match marko file(s).
  • --ignore: Provide a pattern to exclude files from being compiled.
  • --clean: Deletes any compiled .marko.js files.



npm install @marko/compile


import compile from "@marko/compile";

  files: "./components/**/*.marko"
}).then(() => {
  // All files are written to disk.
  console.log("Compiled all files");


Options are the same as the CLI options.

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