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var eventhandler = require("@wazp/eventhandler")

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@wazp/eventhandler v0.1.0

quick and dirty EventHandler singleton to keep track of event listeners


Quick and dirty Event Handler singleton that handles namespacing of events.

At the moment it only handles native events

Please note

You will need to run through babel and possibly polyfill yourself, as we do not transpile this for you at all.

How to use:

import { EventHandler } from 'EventHandler'

// works with NodeList, both with one and multiple elements
const mySingleElement = document.querySelector(`#uniqueID`)
const myMultipleElements = document.querySelectorAll(`.my-elements`)

EventHandler.addListener(mySingleElement, `click.singleElements`, clickEvent)
EventHandler.addListener(myMultipleElements, `click.multipleElements`, clickEvent)

// also works with HTMLCollections
const myId = document.getElementById(`#anotherUniqueID`)
const myClasses = document.getElementsByClassName('.my-other-elements')

EventHandler.addListener(myId, `click.myId`, clickEvent)
EventHandler.addListener(myClasses, `click.myClasses`, clickEvent)

// you can also send in a selector directly
EventHandler.addListener(`#myId .classInside`, `click.mySelector`, clickEvent)


  • [ ] Make it work with custom events as well
  • [ ] Handle elements added to DOM at a later time
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