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var cxThemeMaterial = require("cx-theme-material")

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cx-theme-material v18.7.0

Material theme CSS styles for Cx applications

Material Theme

This is a package that enables Material Design like appearance for the CxJS framework. Take a look at the theme preview and compare it to the other themes here.


In order to use the theme, install its npm package:

npm install cx-theme-material

Import theme's JavaScript. If you want material design label and validation behavior, do the following:

import { enableMaterialLabelPlacement, enableMaterialHelpPlacement } from "cx-theme-material";


otherwise, just import the theme:

import "cx-theme-material";

Then, import theme styles from the package by adding the following snippet to one of your SCSS files:

// theme variables can be overridden here

@import "~cx-theme-material/src/variables";

// theme state-style-maps can be overridden here, before importing css

@import "~cx-theme-material/src/index";

// add custom CSS here

If you are using cx-scaffold to start, be sure to replace the line under the comment inside config/webpack.config.js:

//add here any ES6 based library
include: /[\\\/](app|cx|cx-react)[\\\/]/,

with the following:

//add here any ES6 based library
include: /[\\\/](app|cx|cx-react|cx-theme-material)[\\\/]/,

Finally, don't forget to add material icons to your project, as described here.

To learn more about Cx styling and how to customize it, click here.


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