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dynamoose v1.11.1

Dynamoose is a modeling tool for Amazon's DynamoDB (inspired by Mongoose)


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Dynamoose is a modeling tool for Amazon's DynamoDB (inspired by Mongoose)

Getting Started


$ npm i dynamoose


Set AWS configurations in environment variables:

export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID="Your AWS Access Key ID"
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY="Your AWS Secret Access Key"
export AWS_REGION="us-east-1"

Here's a simple example:

const dynamoose = require('dynamoose');

// Create cat model with default options
const Cat = dynamoose.model('Cat', {
  id: Number,
  name: String

// Create a new cat object
const garfield = new Cat({
  id: 666,
  name: 'Garfield'

// Save to DynamoDB; // Returns a promise that resolves when save has completed

// Lookup in DynamoDB
Cat.get(666).then((badCat) => {
  console.log(`Never trust a smiling cat. - ${}`);

API Docs

The documentation can be found at You can also find additional examples at


The Dynamoose Changelog can be found in the file.


The Dynamoose Roadmap can be found in the file. Help is always appreciated on these items. If you are able to help submit a PR so we can review and improve Dynamoose!


To contirubute to this project please checkout our file.


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