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var getUrls = require("get-urls")

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get-urls v9.2.0

Get all URLs in a string

get-urls Build Status

Get all URLs in a string

The URLs will be normalized.

Don't use this for any kind of security-related validation.


$ npm install get-urls


const getUrls = require('get-urls');

const text = 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, // consectetuer adipiscing elit.';

//=> Set {'', ''}


getUrls(text, options?)

Returns a Set of URLs.


Type: string


Type: object

All the normalize-url options in addition to:


Type: boolean
Default: false

Extract URLs that appear as query parameters in the found URLs.


Type: string[]
Default: []

Exclude URLs that match URLs in the given array.


Type: boolean
Default: true

Require URLs to have a scheme or leading www. to be considered an URL. When false, matches against a list of valid TLDs, so it will match URLs like

Does not affect URLs in query parameters if using the extractFromQueryString option.



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