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var malu = require("malu")

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malu v0.0.2

A basic JS end-to-end test harness for MediaWiki installations.


A basic JS end-to-end test harness for MediaWiki.


  • Testing against a single MediaWiki instance with any browser supported by selenium-webdriver's builder
  • Configuration via the standard MW_SERVER and MW_SCRIPT_PATH environment variables
  • Anonymous API access and autoconfiguration of the article path by querying siteinfo
  • Support for taking screenshots
  • Basic page objects using CSS strings by default but supporting selenium-webdriver's locators for more complex definitions
  • Qualifying of relative page paths based on the wiki/site context


Make sure you have a newish version of Node installed. On OS X, do:

brew install node

Add malu to your package.json and install.

npm install

TODO: implement a generator and add documentation about running it

Running tests

Run the entire suite of tests using npm run.

npm run e2e

Run a single test file by executing mocha directly and passing the specific filename. You'll need to specify the mocha timeout directly on the command line as well.

node_modules/.bin/mocha --timeout 10000 -- tests/e2e/scenarios/{filename}.js

Currently, this test suite assumes you have a MediaWiki install running at (the default MediaWiki-Vagrant setup). If you want to run the tests against a different environment, you must set MW_SERVER and MW_SCRIPT_PATH accordingly.

export MW_SERVER=
export MW_SCRIPT_PATH=/w
node_modules/.bin/mocha --timeout 10000 -- tests/e2e/scenarios/{filename}.js

A single test within a scenario can be executed using Mocha's -g argument.

node_modules/.bin/mocha -g 'Just this test' -- tests/e2e/scenarios/{filename}.js


Debugging scenarios is easy. Just add a debugger breakpoint and invoke Mocha with mocha debug.

node_modules/.bin/mocha debug --timeout 10000 -- tests/e2e/scenarios/{filename}.js


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