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var nodeOkbitbucket = require("node-okbitbucket")

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node-okbitbucket v1.0.10

Wrapper for the BitBucket API



Build Status | Windows Build status

API to programmatically query / write on bitbucket.

Pure NodeJS implementation.


    npm i node-okbitbucket --save


    var secrets = {
        oauth = {
            clientId: '',
            secret: ''

    // var secrets = require('./secrets.json');
    // enable debug messages
    if ( process.env.NODE_ENV === 'test' ){
    var BitBucket = require('node-okbitbucket');
    var bbt = (new BitBucket())
            .authenticatePassword(secrets.username, secrets.password);

    bbt.getUserApi().getRepositories(username, function(err, repos){  });
    bbt.getUsersApi().getUserData(username, function(err, user){  });
    bbt.getSshApi().getKeys(function(err, keys){  });
    bbt.getSshApi().addKey(pubkey, function(err){  });
    bbt.getSshApi().deleteKey(pubkey, function(err){  });
    bbt.getSshApi().deleteAllKeys(function(){  });
    bbt.getRepoApi().show(username, repo, function(err, userRepo){  })
    bbt.getRepoApi().getUserRepos(username, function(err, repositories){  })
    bbt.getEmailApi().getAll(username, repo, function(err, userRepo){  })



npm run test
DEBUG=node-okbitbucket mocha


  • write documentation
  • write missing tests (see tests files directly)
  • re write example
  • fix lint

About this repo

It s a fork or original repo found on github, itself a fork of a bitbucket repo.

I only want to note about the license, i see there is one, i m not interested into this, not at all.

I just need this to work, the rest is pointless.

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