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var nodeProxyCache = require("node-proxy-cache")

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node-proxy-cache v1.3.0

A proxy that you can cache the calls between a server and here to avoid caching

Node Proxy Cache Build Status

proxy cache is a module that allows you to run a proxy server that will cache request.


$ npm install node-proxy-cache


var ProxyCache = require( 'node-proxy-cache' ),
    proxyCache = new ProxyCache({}),
    DS = {};
proxyCache.when( /google/, {
    getKey: function( path, query ) { // allows you to generate keys
        return 'foo:' + path; 
    headers: {
        'X-Bar': 'Baz' // set custom headers when sending to proxy
    caching: false // don't cache responses from google

proxyCache.when( /, {
    cacheTime: function( cacheEntry, req, proxyRes ) {
        if ( cacheEntry.body.length > 10000000 ) {
            return -1; // don't cache big responses

        if ( req.url.match( /bar/) ) {
            return 0; // cache bar stuff forever

        if ( proxyRes.statusCode === 404 ) {
            return -1; // don't cache 404 responses

        return 10000; // only cache for 10 seconds
});{ // custom storeAdapter
    get: function( key, callback ) {
        callback( null, DS[key] ); // getting information
    set: function( key, value, callback ) { // setting values to store
        DS[ key ] = value; // value.body is a buffer 
        callback( );

proxy.listen( 9000 ); // listen on port
Hitting server
$ curl -L -G -d "\$url=" http://localhost:9000/

to set the url of the page to proxy to, set the $url param. Also if you need to specify a path you can either do that in the $url param or on the original.

$ curl -L -G -d "\$url=" http://localhost:9000/imghp


$ curl -L -G -d "\$url=" http://localhost:9000


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