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var nodeRedAdmin = require("node-red-admin")

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node-red-admin v0.2.6

The Node-RED admin command line interface

Node-RED Admin CLI

The Node-RED admin command line interface.

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A command line tool for remotely administering Node-RED.

Install this globally to make the node-red-admin command available on your path:

npm install -g node-red-admin

Note: you may need to run this with sudo, or from within an Administrator command shell.

You may also need to add --unsafe-perm to the command if you hit permissions errors during install.


   node-red-admin <command> [args] [--help] [--userDir DIR] [--json]

   Node-RED command-line client

   target  - Set or view the target URL and port like http://localhost:1880
   login   - Log user in to the target of the Node-RED admin API
   list    - List all of the installed nodes
   info    - Display more information about the module or node
   enable  - Enable the specified module or node set
   disable - Disable the specified module or node set
   search  - Search for Node-RED modules to install
   install - Install the module from NPM to Node-RED
   remove  - Remove the NPM module from Node-RED
   hash-pw - Creates a hash to use for Node-RED settings like "adminAuth"

By default, the tool stores its configuration in ~/.node-red/.cli-config.json. You can specify a different directory for the config file using the --userDir argument.

The --json option causes the tool to format its output as JSON making it suitable for scripting.


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